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war full movie review

war full movie review

The greatest relation of this world is the Guru and the disciple's teacher ever gives such knowledge to his disciple that changes his life, sometimes he gets hold of his thumb to win the heart of his Guru, but what if a teacher in his face Become the worst enemy of war

war full movie download in Hindi

And when the disciple loses his master's life, we have the biggest complaint to Bollywood that our organization is not able to compete with the wood and the biggest question is raised, we have a fight among ourselves that laughter starts coming more but The time of everything changes and now it is the turn of our cinema because it is a film that has the power to compete with famous movies like Mission Impossible. A

 Kabir and Khalid put everything at stake to prevent those whom we have not seen reading any Hindi before and one of the smart films which has targeted indirect terrorism.

The story of the whole fun of his enemy turned into an enemy has been written for him, is a true patriot for him and can put his life at stake for the country by being very clever with his mind and ending the big mission in a pinch. Specializes in

And they can easily deceive people, they live far away. Humans are also considered as exporters in dealing with terraces etc. and they are said to be India's best agent. Khale is an Indian Army officer by writing and serving the country with a sincere heart. Want to say that sometimes there are disciples but the action is so powerful that even the big stuntmen leave behind.

Patriotic touch in Hindi has been added to the spice of cheap and clever, some such shocking please have been put, so you can blow your senses, who is the hero, who will get gas, you have to spend a lot of your mind to make the biggest plus. Point's strong action scenes that will take Indian cinema to the next level

Humans have been flown into the sky since the helicopter era, and that is going to give you a lot of entertainment in terms of entertainment and I get to see amazing action sequences every other third minute that make your heart beat faster.

 And after filling them in your mind, you can also remember the movies that you loved by the action scenes people, you have to praise the Sangay Maker, who gave him one of the 2 biggest action heroes. At the same time, each other's Opposite has done, due to which the five's excitement automatically increases, Hrithik Roshan has given amazing cutting performance, his smart look or the flavor dial. C all take some win your heart

The way in which you keep the entire focus on yourself and keep the storyline rolling by your admins, they must be praised for it, whether it is action scenes or a light-hearted comedy scene that Hrithik leaves a different interest in your mind. Let's play everything so easily, will you be forced to become his fan, but what is the highest share price by Tiger Shroff Of rebel movies

Ishq has given his best performance, this is the first time that Tiger's expression and dialogue are going to impress you, the way he brings a lot of twist at the moment and gives a tough fight to Hrithik, for that applause must be heard Karun Seetha Kahaani Kapoor's role is very small but she is going to impress you with her dance

His dialogue is very low but his character of important in Sorry is Ashutosh Anana brings with me as usual and leaves a different present to fit the role of a no-nonsense army officer in a sector music in which Adds a different flavor, although there are phase-2 operators, both are more than one, Hrithik and Tiger have done a wonderful dance on top of that. That leads to a different level

The 3 songs put into the film is a surprise element, you stay in the bag of action scenes, the feeling that you feel in classic Hollywood action movies is the same thing you will see later, but I am complaining that you are better than the whole line But listen to sounds like

A lot of movies have been made earlier on the Diwali theme, which consists of 1 hero and plays a lot of balance bands to save the country, even in 1, Sim Surila has been followed, nothing new or special will be seen.

Disk Expectation of Big Samosas is quite a lion listening and putting two big afternoons in a normal story and providing it in front of the audio. Speak in words if you have action movies and have a good Bollywood suspense If you have been waiting for them for a long time, then book the tickets immediately by speaking and prefer to see something different.

 You will not find anything like this from me. Many of the five stars out of five stars 1 ton for a strong action scene, Hrithik and Tiger's acting performance together for their music and together for their best direction. You make people worth money

 Talk about the negative once, for the storyline of the film, which did not do at all but there is no flash and hears the sound but if you want to see Hollywood capsules capsules

Release date: October 2, 2019 (USA)
Director: Siddharth Anand
Budget: 1.5 billion INR
Box office: est. ₹474.79 crore

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