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mardaani 2 full movie review

mardaani 2 full movie review

mardaani 2 full movie Often, when we talk about our country, people go ahead and praise our culture, how patriotism flows in the blood of all of us and how our country is famous all over the world for its virtues and culture, but its who We very cleverly hide from ourselves and others that in the country where girls are given the status of God by speaking Lakshmi
mardaani 2 full movie download

mardaani 2 

But every other day, why his photo gets printed on the front page of some newspaper and why everyone is connected with him like rape, now it seems to be a minor thing, now you must be wondering what you should do with this question. Look at someone with a bad eye

 It would have been fine, but when it is so decent, how is the free crime rate increasing so much, or have we all put masks on our faces, then the photos of all of us are absolutely rotten, my questions may look bad to you but ignore Proves to be your biggest mistake

Like this, you have done the work of asking your questions and exposing the hidden dirty truth of our country, without listening to a powerful release released this week, you just keep the mirror in front of you, but you in yourself

Mardani to force on the forehead, the film was released in 2014, which put the real meaning of the Woman Empowerment in front of us and also pointed to the falling thinking of the people towards the girls in the society, now the work of moving this story forward. has been done

 But with Varadani Two, which has shown the courage to raise a finger on our weak law and system by making indigenous rape cases an issue, it has been pointed out that how 2000 such rapes sleep in the country almost every year from the age of 18 years They are too young to resort to the weak laws made against them and easily get rid of someone else's life and get out of the thin lane

 Then I also become very important because his connection was going on somewhere in our country nowadays, it is associated with life events, so people expect justice from the blessing which may have been a dream of real life. His story has been written by the administrator of Shivani Shivaji Ronantik Police Inspector, who is famous for voicing the wrong against the heart.

There is fear and even very clever with the mind, if there is some injustice in front of them, then without caring for the law, I place it at stake and then I fall behind it and make their life hell. Men are not at all afraid of the rules and rules or know to fight for their rights

And if needed, you can change from Lakshmi to a straight black mother avatar. The second take of the story is that Psycho kidnaps the girls before the criminal, then rapes them and kills Suna, an animal whom Neither scared nor believe in right and wrong, what can you raise the slogan of courage

 That the police openly challenge before doing any work and later cleverly fools the entire system into nine and eleven, then at the moment a cat-cat game between Shivani and the criminal begins. If you are fighting for the battle, then the other is taking the life of girls to give the determination to their cynical mind, now who wins from these two, you should answer this question See you in shi tu

Look, it is quite disturbing and there are some who shook you inside, although there is a factual story to tell, we all know that this moment can become the truth of any of us and does not necessarily help us. To make a living, support us in real life for 2 days, they must be praised.

 The way in which Salma has been openly exposed to the dirty game running in a society without fear, the less the applause for makeup, the less it is good to see that in a time when people use cinema to do their bank balance When you do, Mardani Tune Sitam assures that our Indian cinema still has not got contact base, Padmanabhan

Secondly, the way in which the strong and password avatar of a woman has been presented in the female center, it can fall on the thinking of a lot of people, people who think girls are weak can put them after seeing the murders and their brain monkeys Rage Mukherjee can open the instruments with a little performance of her career, more real than her motion seems to directly attack your heart

After seeing someone, if you want to salute him with heart, then understand that all is coming but not magic but you are a hidden X factor, its balance day was neither released in the trailer of Sun nor Kept in front of people until the release

Believe where you will go from inside after watching these movies and maybe in your dreams of two to four days, you should scare me and speak in fewer words. There is one such Sharma Dushyant is not the next meeting but also has the power to change your real-life and brings everyone in front of us without getting scared.

But an advisory will definitely not for you weak-hearted people. At the moment there is something that can play with your mind and make you a little uncomfortable in between. There is a lot of violets too, so you have to go somewhere. Sa can disturb me by giving Mardani Two 4 out of five stars to Unity Realistic Storyline for Rani's strong performance. For Ej and 1 hour for best editing with a thorough

Release date: December 13, 2019 (USA)
Director: Gopi Puthran
Budget: ₹20 crore
Box office: est. ₹67.05 crore
Producer: Aditya Chopra

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