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kabir singh full movie review

Kabir Singh full movie review

Alcohol is one such thing that can make you sick very sick. If you check the room of a normal college student, then you will find lots of beer and bottle of whiskey in it, but if you see Kabir Singh, you will be confused that we are Kabir's Is about

 Or what about the wine, more than the queen, the bottle of whiskey is Hello Friends. I came to the Telugu film Kabir Singh in 2017, there was something called Arjun Reddy that people who were in a relationship after seeing this breakup too. Had done that he could become Arjun Reddy, then he even put an application in the court that brother I like my name, I just want Arjun Reddy

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Kabir Singh 


And why did you not name my name Arjun Reddy to fight some great soul with your parents, now in such a situation, to rebuild the school and play the role of an actor whose photo has been published in the heart of the people, believe very confident that the world's most dangerous Our job is to play Bollywood with threats and to find new ways to make money and when you have

If there is sabotage like Shahid Kapoor, then what fear is there, see a photocopy of the same color photocopy and then Kabir Singh means Arjun Reddy and sometimes there is a difference. Bharat Ratna will be available in the prize meaning 11 simulations have made the same tit, there is no difference even in the two sims.

 One is Ram and the other is that after watching Shyam Arjun Reddy, seeing Kabir Singh is equivalent to seeing himself in the mirror, big eyes big nose, what is the difference between the two, there is nothing but the same condition of Kabir Singh from the film's dialogue to you The background music goes on, even some stuck people have shifted from Arjun Reddy to Kabir Singh.

That how the director is in the hands and has added Arjun's DK Chup Bein Se Humko and made Kabir Singh is wrong of that day. Don't ask such fashion or else you will feel sin but if you have not seen the car ready Kabir Singh is going to come out in your life, the whole 3 hours will make you laugh a lot, never cry, cry if not at all

But if you have seen Arjun Reddy, then it would be heartening to make a gold medal for a full 3 hours in Singh. I can understand your feelings. After watching this film, two things can be guaranteed. Drowned in love

 So after seeing them, you will learn to take care of them and secondly if you are single, then by installing Tinder in the phone, you will go out to find your love, but one important information is that in a moment, intoxication is very much, meaning such intoxicating eyes. At the beginning of you, you have been put in a lot on everything that has cancer and wire.

 If you like to drink 2 grams of milk, then it can be said that Kabir Singh is a medical student. The class topper is the topper. Even in March, Kabir has a weakness. Anger is the first love and the price of first love is Ramesh Babu as well as you and I know that in the name of Ruk Kabir in college, we are afraid as we were in childhood. Used to write

You will get more stories of Kabir's assault than the Kul had not been discussed in the world. Kabir Singh is angry with the son of Sharma Ji, both of them are completely infamous because of the middlemen. Kabir's life and cream come.

 The victim has a bad habit of talking in 1 word like you ask what is the weather like today. How is the hot tea made? Let your parents know something about it. You are stingy in terms of money, but Preity is full of her voice But she does it only after seeing the moon, after this, Preity and Kabir's love story both read together and sing the song of Ghoomhare

And together, you fall down from the bike, you do not know that falling in love increases love, if you ever try to survive, then you too will become someone of Bollywood, sometimes there is a goal in life to give life for Preity. For anyone to die, the level of love is so high that Bandhan leaves the studies of medical and starts fighting for Preeti, but we have a love for Rahul Gandhi. In Like

Preeti's family uses two dangerous things to fight on which can kill anyone, first alcohol and secondly no gate. What did you think that I will talk about the AK-47 nuclear bomb, that means you have understood Let's talk about Force's love and friendship

But in the second half, the crop completely turns and becomes a plant. It comes when you can feel the pain of seeing that you start hating due to the antics. There is a wrong scene where the girl is made to make fun of her fat teddy bear. It is necessary to show such scenes that I have no problem with a teddy bear but you think to yourself no man if I can give you potato cabbage Will speak from the Uli

 Would love to talk about you, sometimes you make Singh special, Shahid Kapoor is the best acting of his life, as much as Babu Shahid Kapoor's look makes him, double fun comes in his attitude, in every dialog you get to see literary special flavor. After that you drown in their love, perhaps the greatest pressure victory over them is amazing

Instead of fitting himself but for that, he does not let you miss Vijay, he has never completely done his character in Shahid Kapoor's films, but even after finishing you are going to come in the name of Singh. 3 hours but you don't get bored for a second

 Shahid Kapoor's NCC in the film but till then you are sitting on the seat so much that you will be forced to add all the songs to your playlist, does Rani like to hear but it seems like I have seen her heroine in many Looked at the whole time to try to be like him, but do not show any need for it, all the money is recovered.

 Who directed its original Arjun Reddy, so both films seem to be very similar to watching. The amazing thing is that Bollywood has the biggest hobby and making them cheap by doing so but never did anything like this with Singh when good It seems

Learn anything that you should not go with your real life at all; what did you know if you are found in a hotel room someday, but what is there to support you that you may not have been in your life

 From my side, Kabir Singh liked 3 stars out of five for 1 year Shahid Kapoor's all-time Best Acting together for his heart-touching song and together liked the rest of the video to keep him real to a large extent. See you what do you do next

Kabir Singh cast

Cast (in credits order)  

Shahid KapoorShahid Kapoor...Kabir Rajdheer Singh
Kiara AdvaniKiara Advani...Preeti Sikka
Nikita DuttaNikita Dutta...Jia Sharma
Soham MajumdarSoham Majumdar...Shiva
Arjan BajwaArjan Bajwa...Karan Rajdheer Singh
Suresh OberoiSuresh Oberoi...Rajdheer Singh
Kamini KaushalKamini Kaushal...Sadhna Kaur- Kabir's daadi
Adil HussainAdil Hussain...Dean Himanshu Joshi
Amit SharmaAmit Sharma...Amit
Anurag AroraAnurag Arora...Harpal Sikka
Dolly MattooDolly Mattoo...Kabir's Mother
Aanchal ChauhanAanchal Chauhan...Karan's Wife
Suparna MarwahSuparna Marwah...Preeti's Mother
Swati SethSwati Seth...Vidya
Anusha SampathAnusha Sampath...Keerti
Parakh MadanParakh Madan...Preeti's sister
Gagandeep SinghGagandeep Singh...Jatinder- Preeti's husband
Maneka Kurup AroraManeka Kurup Arora...Judge
Urvashi PanchalUrvashi Panchal...Nurse Durga
Siya MahajanSiya Mahajan...Nurse Raani
Vipul DeshpandeVipul Deshpande...Hospital Director
Priya RoniyarPriya Roniyar...Shiva's sister

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