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jumanji the next level full movie review

Jumanji the next level full movie review

If I ask you if you have a chance to change your life with someone else, what will you think about this dream world that you have been dreaming of since childhood, if it turns into reality then you will say what a joke Is about to Jumanji the next level
jumanji the next level movie download hindi
jumanji the next level 

Such a situation is a little possible in serial life, but it should be stopped a little, because what kind of film is released in theaters this week, then it is going to give you a chance to exchange life for a few hours.

Jumanji the next level, First of all, the biggest thing is the sequel of Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle released in 2017, so your direct connection is connected with the old story, if you have not seen 2017 one, then first look at it otherwise In such five dozen you may have some difficulty in understanding the story, the second important thing is that some special surprise is hidden.

Diwan ji is associated with the third party, do not rush to run home after it is over. After the end credits have been inserted in the special simple Do not make the mistake of missing it. Do not make the story of Jumanji

About who has the power to put humans inside themselves and move them from real life to another world where their mind, body, mind changes everything completely, understand that the dream world is ready as much as you Has been sent on a mission

If you win then I eat the game, but if you lose then you are stuck in the game and keep trying to return to real life. Sun's basic concept looks like any superhero movie in which there are some heroes who have some special power. And some of his writing is also on the other side, there are also balances whose purpose is to stop the game from ending and to keep the players trapped in Jumanji and not to die alive and come back alive To which all applications it may remind you of films Avengers

But the only difference is that in that story you got the emotion screen but the romantic scene is not there at all. The emotions are absolutely missing. There is a work from Pankaj, you will talk laughing and make stomach ache, which is new at this moment from the last lesson. So this time in Jumanji, the characters can swap characters within the same game

It can change and can go from third to fourth. This interchangeable game takes Jumanji to the next level and proves to be his biggest rally. The game starts in a way, will make you think that Who is this and if he is, then who is he, just get ready for such confusions, then make Jumanji stand apart from the rest of the films.

 This time, a lot of attention has been given to the real-life character outside of a little game, a lot will be seen about some of the details that have been missed in the crop. Also, it really works to ignite the human relationship, their real star Hyder of who brings the best of action and comedy in the story. Huh

His comedy timing is absolutely perfect, even if you present any normal thing in this manner, there is a smile on your face, his one-liners are quite watery and in the interchangeable game, he plays with your mind completely. This time, moving ahead of millions

Show dangerous stunts too and have proved that Jumanji's story will always be incomplete without 2 Johnson, by questioning the BSF, 9 Sand Jungle has tried to show everything and believe it is amazing that even once you have Will you start doubting Hanuman ji or really do a lot? If you speak in words, then Jumanji Comedy Plus X is Nanda

One day I can make you go crazy laughing, then in the second sim, you can speed up your heartbeat with a dangerous stunt, but there are somewhere a little product image happens and you already get the lexine blackjack sometimes. Comedy of the mind seems childish and laughter keeps coming in. Manjhi was not on my side, so for 3:30 out of 5, every man in his role for his best casting together Perfectly fits

And Jumanji tries to create a perfect one, so you can remind them of Madam accessible for the fun content you put together for that given skin, and their action sequences till the half.

Release date: December 13, 2019 (USA)
Director: Jake Kasdan
Box office: $674.4 million
Budget: $125–132 million
Production company: Sony Pictures

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